Major Alberta Energy Regulator Contract Awarded to CCI

Written by CCI

July 24, 2019

At CCI, our forestry professionals understand the importance of a well-executed plan done in a professional, time efficient, cost effective and safe manner, while always keeping the environmental commitments for the client’s social responsibility in mind. Our forestry personnel are the most experienced and qualified people in the industry and continue to provide a service that is second to none.

Recently, CCI was awarded a major contract from the Alberta Energy Regulator to restore and reclaim linear disturbances within the Richardson Caribou Range in the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo. This is all based on an RFP designed by our very talented Environmental and Forestry teams.

The objective of the work is to reduce or eliminate the anthropogenic linear disturbances that exist between the two major fires that burned in the area over the last 10 years, thus, creating a contiguous forest area over time.

Some of the benefits of the program will include:

  • Defragmenting Woodland Caribou habitat, thereby reducing predation on linear disturbance
  • Increasing suitable nesting habitat for Cape May Warblers
  • Increasing biodiversity (both floral and faunal)
  • Supporting Indigenous Community sustainability objectives
  • Supporting Federal and Provincial Woodland Caribou and Yellow Warble sustainability objectives

These professionals help control the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of the forests to meet diverse needs and values for a multitude of industries.

The silviculture group develops and implements long term strategic 20-year plans to effectively manage renewable resources for countless companies including the oil and gas industry.

This is only one of many restoration projects that CCI Inc. is working on and we are proud to be a part of the ongoing efforts throughout the Caribou Zones in both Alberta and British Columbia.



Major Alberta Energy Regulator Contract Awarded to CCI