By using both proven engineering design processes, with our in-house team of professionals, CCI’s 360 degree approach and our commitment to collaborate and innovate continues to be the catalyst to the products and services we provide. This approach has proven to be the “go-to” attraction for organizations that seek not only a successful, cost effective project, but a proven method to build and continue their goal of achieving social license.


CCI is the industry leader in the construction management of pipeline projects. Providing an effective level of construction oversight throughout the project life-cycle is critical to the project’s success. CCI provides the technical field services to monitor safety, quality, execution and cost to effectively manage pipeline projects, in particular HDD projects, from start to finish.


  • Project management
  • Tender/contract development
  • Client representation throughout the project life-cycle
  • Construction management
  • Oversight on construction execution
  • Field inspection
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Pipeline activities
  • Preparation of project documentation
  • Daily inspection reports
  • Daily cost summary reporting
  • HDD steering reports
  • Drilling fluid reports
  • Audits


The Horizontal Inspector Training program (H.I.T.) is the first and most advanced training program in the industry. In 2010 CCI teamed up with a leading training company with its mission to develop a training system that was all encompassing and specifically designed for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry. The 2-day detailed program is designed to not only educate but to assess each individual by subjecting them to a pre and post written test during training.


  • Provides inspector competency certificates
  • Familiarizes inspectors with the standards and specifications in this industry
  • Ensures that all inspectors have a minimum standard of training
  • Trained to be technically proficient in design, safety, environmental, construction and contracts