By using both proven engineering design processes, with our in-house team of professionals, CCI’s 360 degree approach and our commitment to collaborate and innovate continues to be the catalyst to the products and services we provide. This approach has proven to be the “go-to” attraction for organizations that seek not only a successful, cost effective project, but a proven method to build and continue their goal of achieving social license.


CCI’s Environmental Specialists work closely with the construction team. Drilling fluid or waste, being the by-product of an HDD project, is a growing environmental concern. Our team of highly specialized professionals work with the designers, construction professionals and clients to properly understand the volume and products to be used. With potential project constraints, they provide a disposal solution plan that will ensure environmental compliance, but also look at innovative strategies to minimize the overall volumes and environmental impact. Once the plan is complete, the same professionals go into the field to implement and adhere to the plan during construction.


Desktop review of disposal options:

  • Landspray
  • Landspread
  • Mix Bury Cover (MBC)
  • Facility/other disposal
  • Solidification/dewatering

Site investigation to determine:

  • Sump locations
  • Mix Bury Cover options
  • Access
  • Terrain
  • Landspray suitability

Review DWD planning program with clients and all of CCI’s departments:

  • Geotechnical
  • Engineering

Review drilling waste management plans for regulatory compliance.



CCI is at the forefront of innovation for drilling fluid disposal, including being the first in the industry to establish a solidification and volume solution for mud disposal specifically designed for the trenchless industry. The process allows not only a reduction in overall volume, but reduces the cost and environmental footprint of the project.