By using both proven engineering design processes, with our in-house team of professionals, CCI’s 360 degree approach and our commitment to collaborate and innovate continues to be the catalyst to the products and services we provide. This approach has proven to be the “go-to” attraction for organizations that seek not only a successful, cost effective project, but a proven method to build and continue their goal of achieving social license.


CCI has completed a number of projects throughout Western Canada. These projects include work for municipal agencies, First Nations and for industrial clients in the hydro-power, forestry, mining and transportation sectors. Environmental planning and construction implementation is the main focus of CCI and the key factor for any project’s success to ensure it minimizes the overall impacts. The planning and innovation that CCI brings to the project, due to our 360-degree approach, allows all members of the team to collaborate on reducing the environmental impact using technology and innovations that have a real and practical mitigation strategy to implement to the field level.


  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental planning, management and monitoring
  • Biological and ecological inventories
  • Regulatory applications, screenings and submissions
  • Environmental audits and risk assessments
  • Fisheries, wildlife and vegetation assessments
  • Archaeological overview and impact assessments
  • Traditional use studies, GIS analysis and mapping
  • First Nations, stakeholder and public consultation
  • Cumulative effects assessments



Over the last 5 years, CCI’s environmental department has been the leader in reforesting entire linear disturbances and have replanted over 5 million trees on existing right of ways. The endeavor has created a mitigation measure for caribou habitat and helped reduce the overall environmental impact.