CCI’s diverse Environment Team take projects from idea to implementation.

Our projects include work for municipal agencies, Indigenous and industrial clients in the hydro-power, forestry, mining, oil and gas and transportation sectors. Environmental planning and construction implementation is the main focus of CCI’s environment personnel and a key factor for any project’s success. Our 360-degree approach allows all members of the CCI team to collaborate on reducing the environmental impact using technology and innovations that have a real and practical impact in the field.

Services include:

  • Pre-disturbance environmental assessments
  • Detailed environmental site assessments
  • Environmental planning, management and monitoring
    • Construction and post construction monitoring
    • Environmental protection planning
    • Wildlife mitigation planning
    • Caribou protection planning
  • Biological and ecological inventories
    • Breeding and migratory bird surveys 
    • Amphibian surveys
    • Wetland classification and delineation
  • Regulatory applications, screenings and submissions
    • Municipal, provincial and federal 
    • Consultation / liaison with regulatory agencies 
  • Environmental audits and risk assessments
  • Fisheries, wildlife and vegetation assessments
    • Wildlife and nest sweeps and surveys
    • Rare plant and weed surveys and assessments
    • Key Wildlife and Biodiversity Zone waivers
    • Fish salvage operations
  • Archaeological overview and impact assessments
  • Traditional land use studies, GIS analysis and mapping
  • Indigenous, stakeholder and public consultation
  • Cumulative effects assessments

Kyle Sherwin, B.Sc.

Kyle Sherwin, B.Sc.

General Manager of Environmental Services

Kyle brings over 20 years of oil and gas industry experience in Canada, including upstream and midstream development and operations in 6 provinces and 1 territory. His experience includes environmental planning and inspection on pipeline projects, federal and provincial regulatory engagement and collaboration, working directly for and engaging with Indigenous Groups during project development, construction and operations of oil and gas projects, stakeholder relations, and cost and schedule management of multiple projects. His experience ranges from hands-on Environmental Inspection to holding senior roles in both Government and Industry seats. Kyle understands that solid leadership and communication is the key to successful project implementation. His current role with CCI has him leading projects and assisting CCI in building on the strengths of their “Pipe 360” model, adding his expertise to the team.

LinkedIn: Kyle Sherwin
Phone: 403-840-0054

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