By using both proven engineering design processes, with our in-house team of professionals, CCI’s 360 degree approach and our commitment to collaborate and innovate continues to be the catalyst to the products and services we provide. This approach has proven to be the “go-to” attraction for organizations that seek not only a successful, cost effective project, but a proven method to build and continue their goal of achieving social license.


This group provides a full range of services to effectively manage pipeline and facility projects. CCI’s oil and gas clients are always looking for a better and more efficient way to approach and develop their pipeline and facilities projects. CCI’s 360-degree approach allows clients / companies to leverage the highly specialized small teams from each division to help them quickly and efficiently look at several different options and allows them to proceed with confidence. This 360-degree approach combined with the pipeline and facilities professionals at CCI, allows the client to have the confidence to plan and execute any project, of any size, anywhere.


  • Route evaluation and selection
  • Estimating and scheduling
  • Constructability of the pipeline routes
  • Evaluation of construction feasibility
  • Risk analysis
  • Contingency and mitigation planning
  • Basic Engineering Design (BED)
  • Conceptual and preliminary planning
  • Regulatory application
  • Budget estimate
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Stress analysis, annular pressure modeling and geometric design
  • Engineering Design Specifications (EDS)
  • Preparation of detailed drawings & specifications
  • Procurement
  • Contract preparation, tender assistance, tender management
  • Construction planning and cost control



CCI completed one of the most technically challenging urban pipelines in Canada. Although this project included only 12 kilometers of pipeline, it was all installed in one of the most challenging urban and geotechnical areas in Canada with a total of sixty percent of the entire pipeline installed by trenchless method.