CCI is committed to providing and executing our work with our number one priority being the health, safety and security of all employees, contractors, clients, public and the environment.

We believe in establishing and maintaining a positive work environment, free of harassment and violence which is supported and promoted by all. We believe that people are our most important resource and strive to create a work environment where everyone is empowered to be a leader. Management, employees, and contractors are all committed to meeting this policy, now and in the future.

“Goal Zero – No one gets hurt, No harm to the Environment, No damage to Reputation”

We take responsibility in upholding this commitment by:

  • Complying with applicable safety laws, government regulations, industry standards, and our own policies. 
  • Promoting and enforcing Employees legislated Rights: Right to Refuse unsafe work, Right to know the hazards and controls, Right to Participate
  • Working together to support a proactive safety culture focused on maintaining the physical, psychological, and social well being of all workers.
  • Being "Fit for Duty" in mind and body . 
  • Making health, safety and security considerations an integral part of our planning process through identify hazards, implementing controls and informing others. Remaining sensitive to the concerns of the public 
  • Identifying and mitigating the adverse impacts of our operations on the environment in keeping with good environmental and business practices. 
  • Responding to safety emergencies in a prompt and effective manner through preplanning and effective emergency management.
  • Committing resources to ensure that its employees and contractors are fully informed of their roles and responsibilities at all levels including managers, supervisors, workers and contractors. 
  • Ensuring all workers have the required training and competency to safely perform their tasks
  • Supporting continuous improvement of the Health, Safety, Security and environment policy through teamwork.

Safety Statistics

CCI actively manages our programs with a number of 3rd party compliance systems for our clients including ISNET, Comply Works, Avetta, CQN and other such systems. This drives our continuous improvement throughout our Health and Safety management system and to stay in step with our clients’ needs and program initiatives.

*CCI has maintained this for over the past 5 years

  • 243,064
    2021 Hours Worked
  • 0.00
    Total Recordable Incident Rate*
  • 806,514
    Km’s Driven
Safety is a condition of employment with our company and shall not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency. 

CCI is a proud member of the Partnership in Injury Reduction program and has maintained our Certificate of Recognition (COR) since 2014. CCI’s Health and Safety management system forms the basis for the development of project specific safety plans incorporating our clients programs to ensure a team approach to Health and Safety in everything we do.


Doug Schaefer, CRSP, NCSO

Doug Schaefer

HSE Manager

With over 15 years working in Health and Safety, Doug brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to our team. Providing support to CCI’s teams across all disciplines in Canada and the United States, he is responsible for on the ongoing proactive development, maintenance and execution of our Health and Safety Management system. Doug assists our teams at all levels from the initial development of project specific plans in coordination with our client’s programs to the supporting field activities. He strives to utilizes years of diverse experience and a network from an array of associates to drive proactive safety solutions. His HSE experience includes Oil and gas, Mining, Municipal and Industrial sectors working in a variety of settings including remote regions in Canada. This wide range of knowledge including formal and hands on training allows him to provide efficient and effective support to our teams and clients.

Phone: 780.784.1463

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