Progress Drilling USA (PDUSA) stands as a leading geotechnical and geo-environmental drilling service provider, offering a comprehensive range of solutions in soil and bedrock sampling. PDUSA takes pride in its state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel, proficient in conducting drilling operations to depths surpassing 250 feet. Employing cutting-edge techniques such as solid or hollow stem auger, casing advance, wet rotary, and rock coring, PDUSA ensures precise and accurate results for diverse geotechnical and environmental projects.

One of Progress Drilling’s notable strengths lies in its versatile track-mounted drilling equipment, designed to navigate challenging terrains and wet conditions with ease. This capability allows PDUSA to access project sites that might pose difficulties for more conventional types of equipment, showcasing our commitment to overcoming obstacles and delivering results in even the most demanding environments. Our team’s dedication to innovation and adaptability is evident in our ability to tackle projects with diverse requirements and varying geographical challenges, making us a reliable partner for clients seeking efficient and effective drilling services.

The company’s commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility sets PDUSA apart in the industry. With a focus on exceeding client expectations and adhering to the highest standards, Progress Drilling continues to be a trusted name in geotechnical and geo-environmental drilling, ensuring success in every project we undertake.

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