CCI’s UTV drill rig is light weight (approx. 2,200 lbs) and mounted on a 6x6 side by side, capable of accessing remote areas with rugged terrain.

Due to the light weight, little to no footprint is left as a result of drilling and, in past projects, has bypassed the requirement for crossing/land agreements. The rig is hauled to site in an enclosed heated trailer using a 1-ton pickup truck. This limits the area needed for staging locations near the worksite. 

The drill rig utilizes solid-stem auguring techniques, using 4” augers, for sampling and grab samples are taken from the auger. In softer soils a split spoon or Shelby tube can be pushed into the soil to obtain samples at various depths. The strata being penetrated can be logged from disturbed (grab) samples as well as relatively undisturbed split spoon and Shelby tube samples, if conditions permit. Pocket penetrometers, supplemented with Shear Vane Tests in the upper 3 m, can also be used to estimate the in-situ strength of the soil.

IBEX Specifications

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