Geotechnical feasibility assessment for pipelines and trenchless utility installations using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Pipe Ramming, Guided or Un-Guided Auger Boring, Direct Pipe Installation (DPI) or tunnelling/micro tunnelling methods are projects we routinely complete.

Identification of potential high consequence subsurface conditions, such as thick gravel or highly fractured bedrock, is a main objective for these investigations. 

Foundation geotechnical assessments for facilities, riser sites or other above ground infrastructure is another area of skill set that we can complete for the oil and gas industry. In the municipal sector, CCI has experience providing foundation assessments for bridge abutments, temporary structures during construction or residential infrastructure.

As part of the design recommendations for various projects CCI has the capability of using, limit equilibrium methods to assess slope stability or finite element modelling settlement/tunnel closure, slope stability, or pile loading capacity. These are tools that our team utilizes to assist clients with permit application and stakeholder requirements as well as complex design tolerance requirements. In addition, utilizing 3D modelling techniques, we can develop realistic models of large areas to assess the terrain stability and geology or cut and fill volumes for construction of various infrastructure.

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