CCI provides a full range of services to effectively manage shore approach projects that are proven to be effective and designed to meet our clients’ project specific needs.

During the planning and engineering stage of a project, whether it be an offshore wind farm cable landfall, a pipeline shore approach, or a waste-water outfall, CCI’s 360 approach allows all in-house expertise to come together to evaluate and identify the possible risks and issues expected. Clients are provided this knowledge and expertise to navigate the process from design concept, feasibility analysis, permit and bid preparation to construction execution and operations. CCI clients are able to make strategic and proactive decisions to optimize the success of their projects.

Services include:
  • Evaluation of shore landing locations for feasibility.
  • Geotechnical site evaluations.
  • Constructability risk assessment.
  • Recommendations on shore approach construction method, type of equipment, potential length, and depth.
  • Development of shore approach construction procedures and specifications.
  • Planning of offshore assets, to include vessel layout, logistics of consumables, and asset location.
  • Vessel utilization: crew boats, tug boats, and picket boats.
  • Offshore operation planning: crew size, personnel logistics, and transfers.
  • On and off shore inspection during construction operations.

Justin Taylor, P.E.

Justin Taylor, P.Eng, PE

VP Engineering / General Manager

Justin has over 15 years of experience in the trenchless industry, and has a proven track record in delivering highly specialized expert engineering and design services throughout North America. Mr. Taylor attended The University of Alberta in Canada, obtaining a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and becoming a licensed engineer in multiple provinces prior to his move to the US, where he has become a licensed professional engineer in over 20 states. Justin has extensive trenchless design management experience with CCI completing projects of various sizes, material, and trenchless installation methodologies, including HDD, Direct Pipe, and microtunneling, as well as being heavily involved in the advancement of the trenchless industry through his involvement with organizations such as the North American Society of Trenchless Technology (NASTT).

LinkedIn: Justin Taylor
Phone: 832-210-1032

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