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CCI Inc. and our Group of Companies provides highly qualified and experienced Engineering, Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Specialists to work on various sizes and disciplines of projects throughout the entire project life cycle. By working together as a comprehensive team, we bring an integrated and complementary approach to each task of the project. Through this process, we have worked in part or in whole on most of the projects throughout Canada and a considerable amount within the US.

We provide highly technical, award-winning services to the oil and gas, municipal and power business providing various services from forestry, regulatory, environmental, engineering and construction management.

We got our start 17 years ago leading the trenchless business from design to construction. We continue to advance trenchless pipeline systems to tackle different challenges, difficult crossings and incorporate pipeline and trenchless techniques to complete full pipeline projects that reduce the risk and cost to our clients. Our Pipe 360 process incorporates all our experience and resources to consistently produce superior results for our clients.

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