Annular Pressure Modelling

CCI is the leader in the implementation of measuring annular pressure that has revolutionized the HDD industry. Our Annular Pressure Gauges leads to a wide acceptance of the technology for most technical and environmental crossings increasing success rates from 50% to 99%.

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Direct Pipe

The Direct Pipe method combines the advantages of micro-tunneling and HDD technology and allows efficient single pass installations which can be optimized for the most challenging geotechnical conditions. CCI has vast experience in the design and construction of Direct Pipe Installations, including the first installation ever completed in Canada.

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Drone Inspection

 Large watercourses, steep or congested terrain can limit the ability to adequately monitor for fluid releases during trenchless construction. The use of aerial drones for visual and infrared inspection of HDD crossings offers the solution.

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Grouting and Cementing Projects

CCI has designed and implemented a variety of grouting and cementing projects to overcome a range of onsite challenges. Some of these challenges are the fill of annular space to restrict movement, cooling of electrical lines, restraint of axial movement and to stop water flow to the surface from the borehole. CCI’s detailed execution planning, contract and contractor management, and onsite management has lead to many successful projects.

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HDD Strain Gauge Assessment

CCI was a groundbreaker in the implementation of Annular Pressure design and monitoring in the HDD industry, a process that has revolutionized the industry and is now integral in HDD construction throughout the world.

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Trenchless Integrity Pipeline Systems

The evolution of fiber optic sensing technologies allows the industry to close the gap on detection and intervention of possible pipeline risks. However, the technical Achilles heel of the fiber optic system is the cable itself. The cable is extremely fragile and optic cable designs must aim to give the best possible protection to the fiber itself from any external damage or influence. Moreover, the installation of fiber optics in harsh environments, such as trenchless crossings,  is unlikely to survive during construction installation or over long operational periods. The TIPS system, developed by CCI, changes that.

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Along with delivering service excellence in a safe and timely manner, our mandate and dedication to ask ‘why’ continues to be the catalyst for continued advancements in Trenchless Technology. Here are all published papers by individuals at CCI Inc.

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