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Since 2004, CCI Inc. has provided services to the North American oil and gas and Municipal infrastructure industries.

We initially specialized in designing, building and maintaining trenchless crossings, typically the highest risk part of a pipeline project. We have now expanded our services into many other aspects of the work. 

For 17 consecutive years, CCI has successfully implemented Environmental, Forestry, Geotechnical, Trenchless and Open Cut Crossings and Pipeline & Facility and Construction Monitoring by taking a detailed approach to every project. 

CCI’s multidisciplinary team can complete full scope projects from planning to implementation by utilizing teams of engineers, geologists, geotechnical specialists, construction experts, foresters, biologists, project managers, writers, geomatics and GIS specialists.

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CCI provides award winning, highly technical services to the pipeline, oil and gas and Municipal infrastructure sectors including engineering solutions, construction management and environmental and geotechnical services.

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