CCI’s Geotechnical Engineering group provides extensive services for use in the design of pipeline projects. The gathering of subsurface information during the geotechnical investigation phase is the foundation for every good design.  

The geological model developed from the desktop study and field investigation allows the designer to have confidence in their work and can reduce a large amount of risk associated with cost and schedule. CCIs geotechnical team leverages the expertise from our designers and construction experts to plan and execute our field programs specific to the needs of the design team. The close communication between design and geotechnical teams allows us to efficiently make changes as required to effectively mitigate any gaps that may otherwise persist. 

Geotechnical investigations for trenchless design and construction are only one part of what the geotechnical team at CCI can provide. Geohazard identification and terrain mapping are also scopes of work that the CCI geotechnical team undertakes with the intention of minimizing the risks to the mainline pipeline design. These assessments are part of our process to reduce overall schedule and cost for our clients. 

Progress Drilling USA

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the CCI Group of Companies; Progress Drilling USA. The Diedrich D-70 is ideal for any geotechnical drilling required. 

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Stefan Goerz, M.Sc., P.Eng. P.E.

Stefan Goerz, M.Sc P.Eng. P.E.

Geotechnical Manager

Stefan has over 9 years of directly related experience in projects related to trenchless pipeline construction, geotechnical investigation and assessment for pipeline and trenchless design, geotechnics for tunnel/microtunnel design as well as geohazard assessment for linear infrastructure projects. Stefan completed his Bachelors Degree (2013) and Thesis based Masters Degree (2019) specializing in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Alberta. In 2020, Stefan became registered in the USA as a Professional Engineer completing both the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and the Practice of Engineering (PE) exams.

LinkedIn: Stefan Goerz
Phone: 780-784-1989

Guided Slip Bore: Settlement and Sinkhole Development on a 5 m High Railway Embankment
Publications March 25, 2018

Guided Slip Bore: Settlement and Sinkhole Development on a 5 m High Railway Embankment

Slip bore and guided slip bore trenchless pipeline installation is preferred by Engineers. These methods of installation are less prone to creating subsurface deformations when completed in favorable geotechnical conditions. Settlement of the above-ground facility being crossed is not expected.
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