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Design criteria recommended by current industry-wide standards model imposed stresses and allowable limits during pipeline installation via horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Currently, the analysis method developed by the Pipeline Research Council International remains the most prevalent industry-wide standard for calculation of HDD stresses. In this paper, analysis from recent installations are discussed which illustrate current modeling methods in comparison to actual measured strain data produced by the CCI Strain Measurement Tool. During HDD installations, a combination of load components comprising an axial tensile force, bending induced curvature and net external hoop pressure are expected to be present along the pipeline segments. The actual load condition during pullback is reviewed in this paper based on the strain gauge measurements.

Publication Date: 2017

Presented at: 
NASTT’s 2017 No-Dig North Show, Washington, D.C.
April 9-12, 2017
Paper Number: WM-T1-02


Ashkan Faghih, CCI Inc., Edmonton, Alberta
Brent Goerz, CCI Inc., Edmonton, Alberta
Justin Taylor, CCI Inc., Houston, Texas
Micheal Martens, TCPL, Calgary, Alberta
Alireza Bayat, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta