Tsuut’ina Nation Treeplanting Event

Project Timeline – August to September 2021

Contract Value - $50,000

Project Overview

Tsuut’ina Nation in partnership with CCI Inc. with funding through NRCAN, planted over 10,000 seedlings as part of the NRCAN 2 Billion tree initiative. This program is part of NRCAN 2 Billion tree commitment over the next 10 years which will promote human well-being, increase biodiversity, and help fight against climate change. During the week of August 30th to September 2nd, 2021, 13 students (ages 14-17) from Tsuut’ina Nation planted over 10,000 seedlings on their lands. Youths experienced what true tree planting was all about with the help from staff at CCI Inc.

Approximately 4.5 hectares on two sites within the 145-reserve boundary was planted with lodgepole pine and white spruce seedlings at a density of ~2,400 trees per hectare. Each student planted over 800 seedlings a day over the 4 days. 

The students and community gained an increased knowledge of forest management, biodiversity, habitat restoration and training to complete their own tree planting programs after project completion. Prior to the planting event, Tsuut’ina Nation put on an open house for the community to discuss their Governance and Lands portfolios. CCI Inc. was invited to promote and increase the knowledge of reforestation and this program.

  • Planted White Spruce on abandoned wellsite on Tsuut’ina Reserve Lands.
  • Tsuut’ina Nation community youths planting spruce on reclaimed abandoned well-site on reserve lands.
  • The students were given the opportunity to plant a small allocation of trees and learn about forestry, diversity, and greenhouse gas storage.
  • Planting was completed by 13 Tsuut’ina youths (ages 14 to 17). Students planted over 10,000 seedlings as part of NRCAN 2 billion trees early start program.
  • The project provided benefit to the community by providing direct employment and training of forestry and forest resource management.