Wax Lake Exchange

Contract Value - $271,000

Project Overview

CCI was tasked with conducting a feasibility study and design for an alternate routing of TC Energy’s EL-300 pipeline (formerly the Columbia Gas Transmission Pipeline) which crosses under the Wax Lake outlet near Morgan City, Louisiana. TC Energy requested that the feasibility of the following options be assessed: 

Performing an NPS 30 Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) under the outlet and designing corresponding pigging stations at entry and exit locations.

As an alternative option, CCI was to determine the feasibility of tying the EL-300 pipeline into an existing NPS 30 Texas Eastern pipeline which crosses the outlet roughly 55’ to the north via an aerial pipe rack.

CCI was ultimately responsible for the following:

  • Feasibility assessment of a new NPS 30 pipeline across the outlet to be installed via trenchless methods.
  • Feasibility assessment of new manually operated bi-directional pigging stations at either end of the crossing. 
  • Engineering and Design of underground tie-ins from existing EL-300 pipeline system to the existing NPS 30 Texas Eastern aerial pipeline to the North.
  • Engineering and design of temporary risers for integrity pigging operations to be conducted on the existing Texas Eastern aerial pipeline.

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