By using both proven engineering design processes, with our in-house team of professionals, CCI’s 360 degree approach and our commitment to collaborate and innovate continues to be the catalyst to the products and services we provide. This approach has proven to be the “go-to” attraction for organizations that seek not only a successful, cost effective project, but a proven method to build and continue their goal of achieving social license.


CCI’s environmental inspection group includes forestry and biology specialists. CCI’s forestry and biology specialists offer a complete range of terrestrial and aquatic inspection services related to clearing, construction and reclamation. Services include monitoring of roads, watercourses, pipelines and related facilities.

When a project goes through its life cycle, from the early concept stage to final design, the environmental manager’s input to assess feasibility and practicality of the design is at the forefront of each project. The input from these professionals during the planning stage allows designers and clients to avoid any potential issues during construction and prevents possible delays. Following the design process these highly trained and knowledgeable professionals provide on-site environmental inspection to ensure that the design and specifications, and the overall environmental mitigation strategy, are adhered to.


  • Ensure all regulatory approvals are in place and that the Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) is followed
  • Identify and implement site-specific construction measures
  • Ensure that construction contractors are well informed and are in compliance
  • Provide detailed daily environmental reports
  • Provide on-site supervision to ensure planning activities and special recommendations are being followed
  • Provide monitoring services to ensure the proposed and implemented mitigation strategies are performed as expected
  • Drilling fluid reports
  • Audits



CCI’s environmental team is made of two distinctive groups. Group 1 is a highly energized team of young professionals and Group 2 is made up of senior level managers with a minimum of 25 to 30 years of experience. These two groups work together in CCI’s mentoring program to provide knowledge for the up and coming generation of professionals and also ensures knowledge transfer from one generation to the next.